November Newsletter

November 2020

The board of directors met on Monday, November 2 at the American Legion Hall at 7 pm. There were 8 members attending.


Treasurer's Account Balances 10/31/2020:

Activity Account $ 7,673.00

Administration Account: $ 751.43

52 Club $ 9,652.00

Aluminum Cans $ 3,335.00


Club 52 Winners October: $1000 Jeff Wittrock, Mike Johnson, Katie Halder, Leroy Schommer, Donna Kieffer


Flags for Veterans Day: The American Legion is placing flags at Patton Park to honor our veterans on Veterans Day, Wednesday Nov. 11. They would like help in setting out the flags on Tuesdat Nov. 10 at 10 am and with taking the flags down on Thursday Nov 12 at 10 am. For information contact Lion Bruce Carlstrom 651-380-3312.


Aluminum Cans: The board voted to donate $3,335.00 to the Rochester Ronald McDonald House in November. This is our annual donation time. Our total is down from previous years because of low aluminum prices, but still something to be very proud of and welcomed by the house.


Home Delivered Meals: Lion Jon Gravenish is happy to announce that 6 new drivers for the Home Delivered Meals Program have been recruited. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Lion Jon gravenish 507-358-6901.


Tail Twister Drawings: The board decided to start the Tail Twister drawing in December. We will draw from the membership list and the prizes will be sent to the lucky winners. We will draw at the board meeting and the winners will be posted in the newsletter.


Volunteer Opportunities: The club is always looking for Lions interested in helping with the Aluminum Can Collection Project. Contact Lion Ed Burfeind 651-448-1484. The club is always looking for anyone interested with helping out with Home Delivered Meals. Contact Lion Jon Gravenish 507-358-6901. Even if we can't meet, we can still serve, please consider helping.



Meeting: The board reviewed the covid situation and has cancelled the November meeting. We feel that we are getting closer. I am enclosing a letter from our District Governor Mike Huggenvic concerning his view on the coronovirus situation.




An encouraging letter from District Governor Matt Hugennvik that was in the 5M1 District November Newsletter. I hope you read this.

“Hello my fellow Lions!

First I would like to say thank you. Thank you for all you do in your communities. Thank you for working to find ways to meet and serve as the pandemic continues to hinder our world.

Like many of you, I sit here writing his article for the newsletter wondering when this will all slow down again and return to our new normal.

Man, do I hate that when they talk about the “new normal” at at work. It sounds so passive aggressive, so corporate, so blah. But it is the situation we find ourselves in, also.

When vaccines are available, when herd immunity is achieved, the world we return to will not look like it did before the pandemic. Our clubs will not be the same, our organizations will not be the same. We will have to adapt to the “new normal”.

Sometimes when we are faced with a change that we do not want to make , that we are powerless to fight, we dwell on the perceived negative. We concentrate on the things that we lost; things taken away.

But, I have good news for you!

There is a positive to come from this. We may need to look a little harder to see it, but it is there. Telemedicine, where you can check in with a doctor from your home has been on the horizon and a plan for many institutions in the 2030 time frame, but the pandemic pushed us a decade forward and many providers offer this option already.

Our clubs and members who were not very tech savvy, who were even fearful of technology have slowly learned to navigate the waters and are attending online zoom style meetings. Their passion to serve was greater than their distaste for digital.

We have learned that while we cherish our in person meetings, training, and conventions, we can be successful doing many of these at a much lower lesser cost by being virtual. Part of us being great Lions is about being good financial stewards of the resources we have. Just think how much more we can do if our costs for reimbursement and meeting rooms, and food are less?

Lions have been through so much, and we continue to learn how to adapt to our current situation. We are leaders in our community. They look to us to help them learn to adapt. I am so proud of all the work you are all still doing in these difficult times. If your club has not found their way yet, that is okay. Please reach out and we can help develop a plan to get back to meeting safely and serving your communities. “


Yours in service Lion Matt