The regular Board of Directors meeting will be on Tuesday, May 4 at 7 pm at the  Lake City VFW Please observe masks and social distancing. You can join us by phone by contacting Pres. Jerry Jensen 651-764-4677


Club Officers

Here is a list of our Club Officers. Please contact them with any questions or suggestions.


President Jerry Jensen 651-764-4677, Past Pres. Ron Weigel 651`-301-9435


Treasurer Chuck Bremer 651-380-9991 Secretary John Mortenson 651-3437-9268


Board Member Lyle Mathison 507-993-1531 Board member David Spain 651-380-1780


Board Member Ed Burfeind 651-448-1484 Board Member Bruce Carlstrom 380-3312


Membership Chair Le3s Arndt 651-380-1203